Building Partnerships

Our Customers and Suppliers


We pride ourselves on excellent levels of customer and distribution service. Our focus is on establishing close business relationships working with each client to meet their specific needs sourcing the best product, providing the best storage facilities and adhering to good distribution practice. We handle import and export regulations quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you receive the supplies you need on time. Our experienced Sales Team covers the whole of Kenya.

They are responsible for promoting and supporting an extensive catalog of products and services in the disciplines of Diabetes Care, Women’s Healthcare, Medical and surgical for the nursing fraternity, and Cold Chain Supplies. In addition, we employ Product Specialists, each being responsible for the marketing of one of the major product ranges. They also supply training, support and back-up expertise to the Sales Team.


Ray Pharmaceuticals has been successful in establishing long and fruitful relationships with highly reputable manufacturers over the years, and is the Kenya Distributor for some “household name” brands from the healthcare industry worldwide. Our network of suppliers make critical contributions relevant to our market. By continuously focusing on new products through innovation and market feedback, we build our product portfolio with the latest product technology attributes.

Such Innovative and future thinking companies become our preferred suppliers. With offering the latest developments in the markets, we keep ourselves in the forefront of competition, through our marketing strategies and receiving valuable feedback from the market. Ray Pharmaceuticals continues to strive to give the medical professionals the service and value they rightly expect from their suppliers.

So our suppliers are :

  • Reputed Suppliers – WHO – PQ / ISO / CE / GDP / cGMP certified status,
  • Long standing partnerships

BD is a medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. BD manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic
For nearly 90 years, BD’s culture of innovation and continuous improvement has enhanced the patient experience to enable better therapy and outcomes. BD Needles and Syringes are designed with leading technology to support earlier initiation and better adherence to inject able therapies, helping patients live healthier lives.

  • Medical Surgical Systems
  • Anesthesia Products
  • Infusion Therapy Products
  • Injection Products
  • Sharps Disposal Products
  • Diabetes Care
  • Pharmaceutical Systems

With the vision of our Director, Dr. Dhirendra Shah, to provide high quality products in the Kenyan market to his fellow Kenyans,

he introduced BD to the market. At a time when other companies enjoyed many number of years of market dominance with their well-known brands, BD quickly became one of the preferred brands in the market due to the prowess of efficient systems of procurement, storage and timely deliveries that Ray Pharmaceuticals possess. Today Ray Pharmaceuticals is proud to be celebrating one of longest and strongest partnerships we have had.

Ray Pharmaceuticals has created and developed new markets, with the West-Coast brands by having in-depth knowledge of market and its requirements. We have worked with West-Coast since 1985 and have created one of the women’s healthcare bestselling brands in the market.

Established in the year 1965, West Coast Pharmaceutical Works Limited has garnered a respectable name for itself in the domain of processing, supplying and exporting pharmaceutical products. Over the years, West-Coast has grown into a vast organization with developing capabilities for high production capacities, new product development, high retention of employees, and creating a culture of customer-centric organization.

Knowing different countries have different market requirements, ranging from

  • Government Regulations
  • Vendor qualifications
  • Quality specifications
  • Lifestyle diseases

WestCoast is able to meet the same requirements on time.
We, as Ray Pharmaceuticals have created our own line of Women’s Health Care, with products that are manufactured by West-Coast Pharmaceuticals. Such products include Hormone Replacement Therapy and Contraceptive products.

Ray Pharmaceuticals have partnered with CSPC since 2000. We chose CSPC as one of our principal partners based on the confidence we have on the quality, service, and a close relationship that enable us to get to market faster.

China Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (CSPC) was incorporated on Aug 21, 1997. It’s the first mega pharmaceutical enterprise jointly established by big pharmaceutical enterprises in the medicine industry of China, and it’s also one of the pillar enterprise group of Hebei Province.

In terms of quality, CSPC Pharma.has established a self-contained three-level quality control system, and all the drugs have achieved GMP certification, and all the subordinated companies have passed ISO9000, OHSAS18000 and ISO14001 certifications, and the up-to-standard rate of the products has been kept at 100% constantly in the market.

Founded in 1998, Haier is ranked as one of the key global manufacturers of durable goods. Haier’s research and development team consists of highly qualified professionals specialized in refrigeration technology, control  technology, remote sensing, sample protection handling, and networking technology.

Ray Phar maceut i cal s has been constantly looking for innovative products and bring the right products of the highest standards to East Africa. We have embarked on offering the cold chain for storing and managing vaccines and cold temperature products – We have the perfect partner for this!

Haier products include Ultra-low temperature freezers, blood banks, pharmacy refrigerators, Ice Lined vaccine refrigerators, laboratory freezers, washers, fume hoods, bio safety cabinets and other types of equipment for the laboratory and medical applications.

  • Haier is the first Chinese Company to be certified to ISO 13485-2003.
  • Haier have won many tenders world-wide by governments such as:
  • Cuba – International Assistance Programme,
  • India – National Aids Control Organisation, UNOPS
  • W.H.O qualified supplier for Iced-Lined Vaccine Refrigerators, -25ºC Vaccine and Ice-Pack Freezer Lines.
  • Russia, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ethiopia – MOH – various products.

Ray Pharmaceuticals have created its own brand MASTERAID to represent products which we know are of the best quality because we are committed to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of quality in our distribution.
We are aimed at offering to support essential nursing care, operating room & infection control, and sterilisation & decontamination.
We follow the BEST QUALITY BENCHMARKS as our standard, based on understanding what our customers require. That is part of our Quality Assurance!

Best quality for us means –

  • Ergonomics – our main goal is to increase comfort, minimize tremors, limit fatigue, maximize precision, and truly give the patient most confidence and assurance when using our products.
  • Economics – what best suits the healthcare professional that is widely available, long lasting and affordable – within budgets of the healthcare institutions and healthcare givers.
  • Stringent Vendor qualification requirements and compliance, with all the relevant certifications to prove various aspects of quality have been met – GMP / GDP / WHO PQ, CE, ISO 9001-:2008, ISO13485:2003, and equally avail fully certified quality products.

We choose only proven sources so our customers are assured of the same GREAT quality.
So IT’S SIMPLE – Good Quality products at a competitive price. Get all your everyday practice consumables from us!

Ray Pharmaceuticals have a history of bringing products that are innovative, from companies that are innovative. We get faith and trust from customers (doctors, pharmacists, patients, individuals) with products from a company which not only maintains the highest morality but strives to be recognized as the company to protect human life healthily through high quality management and research & development ability in terms of products.
Daewon Pharm. Co., Ltd Produces Both Vitamins to improve the health of human Being and other medicines for circulatory, respiratory, antibiotic, chemotherapy and psychoneurosis uses.

Ray Pharmaceuticals recognize Daewon as a company in the forefront of many aspects of business, as theyhave received several accolades that reflect that leadership:

  • In January 2000, Daewon was recognised as an eligible company for Excellent medicine and receive Korea Good Supplying Practice (KGSP) certificate
  • In 2012, Daewon was Certified as one of the innovative pharmaceutical companies by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • In 2014, Daewon Received ‘Good business award’ (CCEJ, Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice)
  • In 2015, Daewon Recognized ‘Top 100 companies for job creation’ (Ministry of Employment and Labor)

Ray Pharmaceuticals – true to its vision – to be a leader of innovative, quality healthcare supplies within EAC so as to bring the best of healthcare to our people – have now partnered with a Leading Global Life Science Company to make available the best in joint care and innovative products in gynecology.
LG Life Sciences Ltd., invest more than 20% of revenue on R&D, hence, maintaining a dominant position in the global pharmaceutical industry. LG have established world class manufacturing facilities and are committed to the global standard set by US FDA, EMEA, the W.H.O and other international organisations.

LG Life Sciences began research in genetic engineering in 1981 and has invested steadily in the life sciences ever since. This effort has already resulted in world-class technology and product capabilities. The company has focused R&D resources and know-how on three areas-pharmaceuticals, animal health and specialty chemicals.

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